TSXU-839 Marvel Schebler Replacement Carburetor

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This is a NOS Marvel Schebler TSXU-839 model carburetor.  Marvel Schebler designed it to be a universal style carburetor to replace a number of their TSX model carburetors.  It is an all cast iron carburetor, not the aluminum replacement style. Since these are NOS there is no warranty, no returns but we will provide you with any tech support you may need.

The following is a list of the TSX model numbers this carburetor was designed to replaced. If your carburetor number is not listed here, this carburetor will NOT fit.

TSX-68, TSX-81, TSX-135, TSX-168, TSX-216, TSX-259, TSX-268, TSX-289, TSX-310, TSX-342, TSX-392, TSX-394, TSX-396, TSX-411, TSX-477, TSX-499, TSX-581, TSX-625, TSX-677-1, TSX-693, TSX-740, TSX-759, TSX-782, TSX-785, TSX-805, TSX-817, TSX-823, TSX-843, TSX-848, TSX-852, TSX-855, TSX-861, TSX-863, TSX-870, TSX-870-1, TSX-874, TSX-880, TSX-893, TSX-901, TSX-915SL, TSX-916, TSX-924SL, TSX-929SL, TSX-935SL, TSX-951SL, TSX-952SL, TSX-953SL, TSX-962, TSX-971.