This is just a short listing of our most common services. Since we also have a complete tractor shop, if it’s John Deere and you can ship, we can work on it.

Carburetor Overhaul--John Deere model carbs
Brass $200.00 plus parts

We do a complete restoration job on your carburetor--we are NOT a soak & paint shop.  Carbs are torn down completely, every part comes out.  They are bead blasted and passage ways are drilled to clean them.  We do not use anything wet for cleaning.  They are then put back together with what ever new parts they need. We use only OME or parts made specifically for us.  No "generic" parts are ever used.  If it comes in with a quality part, something that meets our specs & tolerances we will reuse it but it must meet standards.  We can't warranty something we can't trust.  They are painted, leaked checked and test run under load & idle.  Since they are set to our test engine, you may only need to make minor adjustments for your tractor.  Brass carbs are also modified internally to eliminate problems with leaking or seeping fuel.  Zenith carbs off New Generation tractors will be restored & modified to be just like our New Zenith carburetors to eliminate the issues of black smoke, fouled spark plugs and over-fueling.  All carburetors will come back to you with a 2 year warranty and you will receive your carburetor back.  We don't exchange them.

Since our turnaround time varies depending on the time of year we strongly recommend you call for the current time frame before shipping your carb to us.  We can give you the current time & average total cost for your particular carb as well instructions for sending your carb to us.  Remember, quality work takes time.

DLTX-Duplex $200.00 plus parts
DLTX-Single barrel $150.00 plus parts
Pony Motor $150.00 plus parts
TSX $150.00 plus parts
Zenith 3010-4020 tractors $200.00 plus parts
Carburetor Overhaul--Non John Deere model carbs
TSX $150.00 plus parts While we specialize in John Deere model carburetors we can work on other models. Marvel Schebler made hundreds of versions of the TSX carb while Zenith made many models of carburetors and we have access to parts for both these carburetor manufacturers. We can also work on other carburetors such IHC models or other Marvel Schebler model carbs. Keep in mind that while we do work on them we do not always have the parts for them in stock. As a result, non-John Deere carbs will probably take longer so be sure to call before shipping to check on an estimated turnaround time.
Zenith $200.00 plus parts
IHC $150.00 plus parts
Wico Magneto Overhaul
Wico C & XH magnetos $100.00 plus parts

Magnetos are torn down completely. We replace any worn parts with OEM and remagnetize the magnets, polish the aluminum housing and paint the cap if it's not replaced.  We also check the lag angle and then test run it to make sure it's done right.  You will have a 2 year warranty when we're finished.  

Since turnaround time varies depending on the time of year, we strongly recommend you call for the current time frame before shipping your magneto to us.  We can also give you the average total cost for restoration & parts and give you instructions for shipping.

Magnet Remagnetizing
Wico C & XH magnetos
Put a charge back into your magneto by remagnetizing the rotor magnets. Make your old magnets just like brand new.
Camshaft Grinding
Stock Grind (2 cyl.)
Stock Grind (4 & 6 cyl.) 
Camshafts ground for stock and competition . Did you know that stock cams are not perfect? If you have already rebuilt your complete tractor engine, carb, gov, and mag, but not the cam, and it still doesn't run perfect, then you may have a bad cam.
Stock Diesel
Competition (2 cyl.)
Competition (4 & 6 cyl.)
Resurface Lifters (2,4 or 6 cyl)
$19.50 Each
Other Services:
Resurfacing mounting flanges on carburetors $40.00
Thread repair on DLTX single barrel. (Call for pricing on DLTX-51 carbs) $95.00
Thread repairs on DLTX Duplex carbs $105.00
Oil Operated  Fuel Shut-off restoration $100.00 plus parts
Water Pump $100.00 plus parts

Remove & reinstall channel balls on duplex carbs

Tach restoration

$50.00 to remove balls, 1 hour labor, plus parts

Prices vary depending on application.  Call for quote.