NEW Zenith Carb- JD 4010, 4020

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Our current supply is gone but the next shipment is in the process and should be shipped to us by early May.  We are now taking pre-orders so as soon as we receive the shipment we will ship them out to you in the order they were sold.

This is a brand new carburetor made exclusively for Robert's Carburetor by Zenith.  This carb used the same molds as John Deere originally did, has the correct throttle and choke linkages (no adapt-a-fit brackets or drilling) and has been modified internally to get rid of the problems the original carbs had with black smoke, fouled spark plugs and over-fueling.  

We offer a 2 year warranty and tech support for this product.  A number of other things on your tractor work hand in hand with the carburetor and we appreciate being able to talk to you about them.  By talking with us first we can help you achieve a great running tractor when you get the carburetor on.

Please note the cost of this carburetor includes a $100.00 core charge.  The core charge is refundable when we receive back either your Zenith or Marvel Schebler USX model carburetor core.  Cores must be returned within 6 months from the date of purchase.