DVD- Seed to Elevator, 2 hr

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DVD 2hr S/E

This video is a history lesson in antique farming with two-row, two-cylinder equipment from the 20's to the very early 50's.  There will be a brief narration about each piece of equipment in this video.


 Plowing with a JD 4B plow & 1936 "A" and 1941 "D"

Disking with a JD 15' fold-up disk

Broadcasting oats with an endgate seeder

Checkwire corn planting with a JD 290 two-row planter

Cultivating corn with a JD 290 cultivator and 1936 "A"

Cross cultivation corn with a JD 290 cultivator

Binding oats with a 1920's JD oat binder

Threshing oats with a JD 28 threshing machine belted to a "B"

Plowing oats ground with a 1931 "GP"

Combining beans with a JD 125A combine and 1936 "A"

Picking corn with a JD 101 corn picker and 1369 "A" 

and much more!

2 hours